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    I got the files, but looking at the SA_96 Plans I'm unsure what you were trying to do. I can see that you put 0 for the time spacing and Scheduler can't to that -- I suppose it ought to see that at data entry time... But what you're looking at is "Immediately after" whatever the time needed for the exposures. I think you want to do this:

    Within each of four airmass ranges 1.1-1.2, 1.3-1.4, 1.5-1.6, and 1.7-1.8 acquire 15 each 10 second images in BVRIOBVRIOBVRIOBVRIO, so 15 images in 5 bands in 4 airmass ranges for a total of 240 images.

    I'm unsure what you started with as an ACP plan but it didn't turn out right. You ended up with 4 Plans, each of which specifies the same 240 images under the same conditions. But what's broken is that the series for each airmass is specified as an Observation to be performed immediately after the previous one, and all within a single schedulable unit (Plan). It would be impossible for the airmass range constraints to be met with the sets taken back to back, plus they aren't specified back to back but spaced 0 seconds apart.

    The way to do this is to create a separate plan for each set of images at the required airmass range. That way each Plan will be eligible only when the target airmass is within that Plan's range. SO using the "easy way", the web form for a single series. Note that the repeat the series 5 times and the monitor mode is set. Horizon is required so I set it low.

    Then all you do is change the airmass range and the name (if you choose to have it indicate the airmass range) and resubmit:

    You see this in the Schedule Browser tree and I have attached the importable Project. Import into the desktop Schedule Browser and study it. Then ask me more questions if needed.

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