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    I'm glad you like my utility.

    The Ascii problem was fixed in version 1.1, attached to an earlier post in this thread.

    I don't understand what is happening with the comments you are referring to; perhaps you could send me a sample file? I could not reproduce a problem like you describe

    - the #chill -25 command causes your plan to wait awhile until your camera reaches -25 degrees C. Does your camera support cooling?

    Also, it sounds like you are using Scheduler? I do not have that, so I can't check your situation. I thought Scheduler did not use ACP plans, but has a separate subset of commands available?

    Anyway, it doesn't sound like a BrewPlanEdit issue; it sounds like an issue using the command in the first place. If you create a plan in Notepad with the #chill command, does it work?

    Lastly, I have attached version 1.3, which has a couple of enhancements:

    1) Comments are colored green so I can distinguish them from real commands.

    2) There is an option to use a different font. We Older Men need bigger fonts than standard Windows

    3) You can pop your file out to a Notepad, do some editing, and the changed file is read back into BrewPlanEdit. Occasionally I want to do some type of special editing; typically this means doing a bunch of copy/paste commands. This way I can do things in Notepad and return to BrewPlanEdit. I do this rarely so it is not well tested.

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