So far so good, except for:

- Each time the file is saved in BrewPlanEdit it results in adding a comment to an existing comment. So you get " ;Comment ;Comment ;Comment " etc.

-On my system, it appears that BrewPlanEdit saves the plan text file using "UTF-8" encoding, as oppoesed to ANSI. I know this because when I open the text file in Notepad and immediately save it in Notepad, the encoding method shown in the Save As dialogue box defaults to "UTF-8" even if I previously saved a file as ANSI. This UTF-8 encoding causes a compile error in ACP Schedule Browser during plan import that reads:

Error at line 1: #interval has not ever been set
(1) -> #startsetnum 1

-Opening the plan in Notepad and saving it using ANSI encoding results in successful Schedule Browser compilation