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    Default Port contention when Scheduler does startup

    My StartupObs.js fails by throwing a script error. The source is MSComm and the message says: Port is already open.

    The MSComm is used to turn on the power to the telescope and to open the roof of the observatory.

    This only happens if I start the dispatcher running before sundown. I have attached a combined log file.

    It does not happen if I start dispatcher running after sundown. It does not happen if I run StartupObs stand alone in ACP.

    This problem only started after I upgraded to version 8.0.3 of the software. But there were some other changes made at the same time, namely I installed a new telescope: a Planewave on a Paramount ME II mount. That required switching the focuser software from FocusMax to PWI3, and the mount software from TheSky6 to TheSky X. I have also upgraded to the most recent version of MaxIm.

    I have not changed my StartupObs or ShutdownObs scripts except to accommodate TheSky X and PWI3. I have not changed my roof driver.

    The telescope is in Australia and I am in Indiana. I can't get up at 4 a. m. every morning to start dispatcher running after sunset in Australia.

    Any suggestions?
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