I've downloaded ACP and Scheduler to see if they might be helpful in getting an automated observatory,
and I notice a couple of things. One is that my CCD (Alta 42) has a fan that maxim can control
via Camera Control->Connect->Expose->Other Settings->Fan speed.
Is it possible to modify the web interface to give me a control to adjust the fan
speed, since I don't like having the fan on when not cooling?

My telescope is an ASA DDM85, which I have Maxim connect via POTH.
I was playing with the web interface for ACP, got what I thought was
a good setup, told ACP to take a single exposure, and got a failure of the
Initialiazing AcquireSupport V8.0.6
Telescope is ACP->Astrooptik
There was a problem initializing the support library
The telescope is not connected.

Do you offer support to help debug this issue if I don't have
a license yet? If so, what information would you need?
Should I upload the file from ACP Astronomy\Logs\20151124?