The install did not open the read me file, (and I haven't found it) but I tried solving images anyway. For every image, I got an error message:

"C:\Users\Owner\Documents\0ccd\000-Imgs\7347PF29 PX AND\Calib\7347-PX--009.fts: 1941 image stars found.
Failed to open the GSC large regions table. Check the file path to the Guide Star Catalog (should be in TABLES subfolder)."

Apparently, I need to find where the TABLES subfolder IS, and what and how to get my catalogues info into it. The C:\Program Files(86)\Pinpoint does not have a TABLES folder in it.

I saw an earlier message from Bob that said I needed to "POINT" to where the catalogues are. What does POINT mean?

I have C:\UCAC4 and C:\GSC11 catalogues in my Windows 7 machine.

Can someone please tell me EXACTLY what I need to do to get PinPoint to work? Please?