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    Default Pointing update hangs when bin-4 images downloaded (FLI camera)


    I confess that since my upgrade to ACP8/ MaximDL 6, late September, problems accumulate and I still can not have a stable system. Naturally, this can come from us, but we have a lot of experience in this domain in the lab (it is our job) and the system was deliberately uncluttered to avoid worries.

    Now we have something totally new and very disrupting:
    - For the pointing update, system take a 2 sec exposure with filter (I tried different exposure time, but problem is always the same).
    - There the image acquisition starts, but 1 second before the end, the MaximDL timer is hanged (the standard message claiming the download never appears and timer stops is no more incremented). ACP expects then the end of the exposure that never happens.
    - The only solution is then to stop the observation and to resubmit it. Most of the time, it is sufficient, but sometimes not... (see last nights logs).
    - This problem never happens during a standard exposure or during an autofocus, it is just for the pointing update.

    The basic question is then: Is-there something special in the image acquisition for the pointing update? How to solve this problem which prevents the observations? Please don't hesitate to make suggestions of tests to isolate the problem.

    Thank you very much for your support,
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