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    Default Near-earth Asteroid (Comet?) 2015 TB145 Animation from 10/31/15

    Here's a time-lapse animation of Asteroid-now-Comet 2015 TB145 zipping through Orion on 3/31, from Northern Skies Observatory, Peacham, VT (

    The severe glare from the nearly full moon just 12 degrees away was mitigated by manually nudging the dome a little "too far" to the west after every few images to block much of the bright moonlight. Planewave CDK-17 on Astrometric Instruments XMG-2 mount, Apogee Alta U16M (KAF 16703) camera, guiding on the target, so the stars form short streaks. 30-Sec x 99 frames using Luminance filter, binned 2x2.

    If the GIF animation won't upload or play here, see if at the following link:

    Clear skies,

    Brad Vietje
    Newbury, VT
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