First, I must say how wonderful it is to use the web browser to create plans for deep-sky objects! The coordinate look-up and ease of modifying, deleting, or re-submitting plans is really wonderful -- a huge time-saver for me. Using ACP Planner, we've never had this coordinate look-up capability, so it feels like a whole new ball game to me.

But now perhaps I'm getting spoiled, or maybe greedy(?) Can Scheduler8 be used to look up the coordinates for targets like SS Cyg, U Gem, or R Scu ? That would save me a lot of time at the keyboard, and probably avoid data entry mistakes, too.

I'd like to use ACP for photometric work of different sorts -- sometimes visiting many targets with a few data points for each, and at other times a 4-, 6-, or even 8-hour time series on a single target. Can you point me toward info on how to do that?

Thanks Bob!