So while trying to go through the instructions Bob posted on my other thread I had the recurrance of another problem that pops up from time to time and I don't know what to do.

Bob, if you are around I am logged into the observatory and it is clear so I can show you.

In a nutshell, when ACP tries to autoguide, the image it downloads from my Lodestar X2 is pretty messed up. See attached. If I go back to maxim, and capture a guider image with the same settings for exposure time (they are set from the prior run) it downloads fine. So why is ACP somehow munging up the image? Then of course with such an abhorrentimage it doesn't guide well if at all.

Frankly, no setting I can do in Maxim will produce the the look of the image. I realize it is out of focus, but Maxim guides fine when I choose the star. This is dragged right out of the ACP guider window.