Since Panewave doesn't have a forum I'l steel some of Bob's bandwidth! I have Kevin Iverson here from Planewave this week. I asked him to come and fine tune my system. While things were pretty good, after Kevin got done with it over the last two nights things are AWESOME. Its amazing what an expert can ring out of a system. Just amazing. I learned a ton as well. Planewave provides SUPERB support and not just for their telescopes either! While we did some work on the scope ...chasing down that last 0.1 of columation, most of the work was on other stuff. Kevin is a bona fide expert not just in tuning up gear but in software as well. I'm putting this up here as a PSA, if you have an advanced system, or maybe semi advanced consider having Planewave come look at your system. You will be amazed at what additional performance can be had. We REALLY lucked out, we had some of the clearest nights I've seen in a few months to boot. While we were both frozen to the bone as we went home in the very early hours of the morning, I can say we both were thrilled at the results of our efforts over the last two nights.