I’m facing to a dysfunctionment of PinPoint when solving a FITS image captured with MaximDl. This issue is when using a focal reducer 0.75 on my TMB 130 f/7 910mm. When using my camera Atik 383L without the focal reducer everything is fine with 1.22 arcsec/pixel or 2.44 at bin 2x2. With the focal reducer I correct the sampling to 1.22/0.75=1.63 arcsec/pixel. The Pinpoint program looks every option in correcting the coordinate center but is unable to solve the image. When using TheSkyX the image is solved without difficulty whatever the sampling. With the Visual PinPoint fonction I get the following message. In TABLES there are 3 subfolder but they cannot load in the catalogue path.
Thanks for helping me.

“Failed to open the GSC large regions table. Check the file path to the Guide Star Catalog (should be in TABLES subfolder).”