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alright, it seems that I am damned to run into bugs of Autoslew. This one seem sto be pretty old, anyway:
I am trying ACP and Sequencer on a system with an ASA DDM85 mount. All looks fine, but the final images are all completely unusable due to a drift. Looking at Autoslew (the ASA mount control software), the comet sign is on, which would mean that it activated the Comet tracking is on. The RA indicator is slowly going upwards (which it is not supposed to do, of course). Disabling the comet tracking by hand brings us back to good tracking.
However, I wonder how I could, at least temporarily, set ACp in a way that it doesn't send Telescope.RightAscensionRate commands. Maybe I'd have to send a Telescope.RightAscensionRate = 0.0?

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