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    Default ACP Stops on 2nd target with "Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)"

    Hi Bob,

    I've read the several recent threads with similar symptoms, but this situation seems a little different.

    Here are the circumstances:
    * I'm running a plan with three targets.
    * First target completes with no problems.
    * At the very start of the second target, ACP attempts pointing update, but fails with the following:

    05:48:58 ==== Starting target N7789 ====
    05:48:58 ;
    05:48:58 ; === Target N7789 ===
    05:48:58 ;
    05:48:58 (wait until 05:30:00 UTC)
    05:49:00 (wait finished)
    05:49:00 (wait for slew to complete)
    05:49:11 (slew complete)
    05:49:13 (stopping the autoguider)
    05:49:13 Start slew to N7789...
    05:49:16 Start rotate to PA 355.2 deg (raw rotator angle 199.7)
    05:49:16 (wait for slew to complete)
    05:50:09 (slew complete)
    05:50:09 (wait for rotator)
    05:51:23 (rotation complete)
    05:51:23 (prev target requested pointing update for this one)
    05:51:23 Ready for N7789 (# 2 of 3 in set 1)
    05:51:23 N7789 specifies 3 sets of images.
    05:51:25 === Starting filter group 1 of 3 ===
    05:51:25 Selecting Blue filter (3) for imaging
    05:51:25 Pointing update: Wait and flip if within 120 sec of flip point
    05:51:25 [flip check: Tn=120s HAc=1788s GW=T HAz=1908s DWz=T WF=no]
    05:51:25 Updating pointing...
    05:51:25 Switching from Red to Luminance filter for pointing exposure
    05:51:25 Focus change of -1 steps required
    05:51:29 (taking 10 sec. exposure, Luminance filter, binning = 4)
    05:51:29 (using Monochrome readout mode)
    05:51:29 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
    05:51:29 Source: ACP Observatory Control Software
    05:51:29 Message:
    05:51:29 Location: line 1494 column 33.

    On similar threads, I noticed that you instructed the user to force a shutdown of Maxim. In my case, Maxim had already terminated on its own. Note that about six hours elapsed between the failure and when I discovered the problem.

    Also, I have been running multi-target plans earlier this week without problems.

    I'm running:
    * ACP 8.0, build 5, V8 production release A
    * Maxim 5.23

    I should have good weather tonight if there is some to try...

    Michael Smith
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