Hi, I thought I would share this since I ran into it, but I know better. My telescope is remote in Colorado and I have been having poor guiding for a short time when everything use to work well. Well, it turrns out when my new guider ccd came my friend installed the guider cable again. I am using direct guide and when I discovered that I see why I was having problems guiding.

When you use direct guide, you need to diconnect the cable from the guider because it can cause issues. I have a ap 1200 mount and we have a ME mount too and I have proven this to myself many times

I end with this, if you are not using direct guide you should, it works by adjusting the mount motors to make corrections, like the old drive correctors use to do. I have improved my guiding much better using direct guide. I need to make another you tube how to set direct guide. Check out my you tube channel, it is design for new users using software including ACP and scheduler. (from my web site)

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