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    Default More bolt wood problems with ACP

    I should have just stayed with the AAG cloud watcher instead of switching to Boltwood II because it aways worked. So out of the blue when the weather is clear the weather script runs.

    I disabled the weather system, I cant have scheduler sleep while it is clear.

    Is any one having problems with Boltwood II. I will upload the log in the morning when scheduler is done in the morning now that it wont stop anymore

    here is the weather script

    Sub Main()
    Dim FMX, PWAF
    Console.PrintLine "Weather Safety... script initiated"
    ' ACP 8 and later stops focusing internally, no need for doing that here.
    ' *** Park Telescope
    If Telescope.Connected Then
    Telescope.Park ' Default setting in ACP, this parks and closes the dome/roof in that order
    Console.PrintLine "...scope is parked"
    Console.PrintLine "...Telescope not connected"
    End If
    Console.PrintLine "Weather Safety...script completed successfully"
    End Sub
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    Dean Salman
    Deep Sky Remote Observatory



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