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    Default Camera problems during a focus run


    Just recently I've started to have an issue that sounds like an issue that others are having in that MaximDL will lock up while another program is accessing it. For me it's during an AutoFocus run by FM4 during an Observation run by Scheduler. FM will be doing it's thing, then I'll get this error:

    MaxIm.CCDCamera Error 32768: Exposure by MaxIm DL failed after being successfully started.
    Module: modCamera TakeSubFrame

    I noticed in the Maxim log this:

    07:04:42#4 Error 7 starting 0.180s 200x200 exposure, binned 1x1, ROI (1573, 1016)
    07:04:42$4 Camera Exposure Aborted

    I have a feeling I know what DL will say... it's a USB cable issue. I have changed cables and where I plug the cables in and still have the problem. But, I haven't seen this problem at any other time except when FM4 is using MaximDL. I've taken Flats which are many quick exposures with no problems, Darks and Bias with no issues.

    I'll enclose the logs and will be interested in what your thoughts are. I did abort Maxim via Task Manager. It sounds a little like the Maxim freeze issue that others are having
    with the guider calls.



    PS I'll be checking in with Steve Brady and DL about this also.
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