Finally got around to installing and testing ACP after using other solutions for a while. Now I need scripting for pier and power as well as fully remote operation so ACP the only way forward in my eyes.

I have been testing ACP and had it working for a few nights,however last night it all went a bit odd with the auto-guiding.

I like to have everything locked down before I commit to apurchase so hopefully you can provide some pointers as to what may have beenhappening?

I started Maxim DL and calibrated guider all seemed fine,let it run a few cycle and switched off. Started a sequence in ACP andall fine until guiding started then X axis just went negative. If Ichanged any settings in Maxim (EG Pier flip, reverse x etc) all it seemed to dowas cause same error in different direction. IE The error on X wouldincrease + or – but it would not track. If I then returned to Maxim itseemed to have inherited the behaviour. Restarting Maxim helped andallowed me to use, then retrying with ACP caused the problem to repeat.

I am sure it is something in the settings but I have not beenable to isolate (and run out of time with work calling the next morning).

FYI: I am running ACP (trial), Maxim DL 6, focus max 3(does it work with 4?).
Gear: QSI 683, lodestar x2, paramount me.

If you need any further information please ask.

Guess what I really need is setting check of maxim dl guidesetting (all) and ACP counterparts considering the PME mount.

Your help would be appreciated – last part of puzzle not theobsy is built. Remote ops is required as once all running relocating entire structure to a darker remote site.

Also is it possible to run two scopes/cameras at same time with ACP/MDL combo? I have another on the mount but have to pick one at a time which seems a waste. Can't see anything obvious.


Patrick ‘Paddy’ Gilliland