I ran about 6 hours using Scheduler and ACP. The plan stopped due to losing the guide star even though the Best Efforts box was checked in the Plan. The Help file said this should not happen with Best Efforts checked.

I noticed in the Help that the AcquireScheduler.vbs script can be changed. I changed the Const STRICT_AUTOGUIDING from True to False and will try it again tonight or tomorrow.

The plan contained one observation with a Repeat Count of 8. The image set was 20 exposures. Six sets completed perfectly. The seventh stopped with an auto-guide failure.

Jerry Gunn

07:20:06 (starting exposure)
07:23:07 (exposure complete)
07:23:10 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
07:23:10 Calibrating image...
07:23:11 Image finished
07:23:15 Plate-solve HV And Observation-S007-New ImageSet-R014-Luminance final image.
07:23:15 145 image stars found
07:23:15 249 catalog stars found
07:23:16 Solved! 41 stars matched.
07:23:16 Average residual is 0.4 arcsec.
07:23:16 Pointing error is 0.542 arcmin @ angle 258.32
07:23:16 True focal length is 3960.2 mm.
07:23:16 True binned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 1.40 V = 1.40
07:23:16 True image center (J2000): 00h 40m 53.1s 43 26' 53.42"
07:23:16 Imager sky position angle is 359.6 deg.
07:23:16 Image FWHM is 2.5 arcsec (1.81 pixels)
07:23:16 Within max error tolerance, no re-slew needed.
07:23:16 [flip check: Tn=-420s HAc=9022s GW=T HAz=8598s DWz=T WF=no]
07:23:16 Imaging to HV And Observation-S007-New ImageSet-R015-Luminance
07:23:16 (taking 180 sec. exposure, Luminance filter, binning = 3)
07:23:16 (using Raw readout mode)
07:23:16 (ex=0.00 ey=0.00)
07:23:16 (guider error n/a or too high, try #1)
07:23:58 **Guider waited for 38.5 sec and never got a measurement
07:23:58 **Guider stopped or lost star just before image acquisition
ACP console log closed 06-Oct-2015 07:23:58 UTC