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    Default Exactly one hour to plate solve?

    Hi Bob,

    Not sure if this behavior was introduced with our MaxIM update to 6.10 or ACP update to 8.0 build 5 , but suddenly it's taking exactly one hour to plate solve our images during a run. If I use MaxIM to plate solve manually, it only takes a few seconds. The 'exactly' one hour thing has me thinking it's a bug somewhere. Log from last night attached. This happened after every image.

    03:36:25 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
    03:36:27 Image finished
    03:36:48 Plate-solve final image
    03:36:55 30323 image stars found
    04:36:55 701 catalog stars found
    04:36:57 Solved! 205 stars matched.
    04:36:57 Average residual is 0.24 arcsec.
    04:36:57 Pointing error is 0.357 arcmin @ angle 189.80
    04:36:57 True focal length is 2966.1 mm.
    04:36:57 True binned plate scales (arcsec/pix): H = 0.63 V = 0.62

    Thanks as always,
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