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    Hello Bob,

    Yes it was my fault. I had gotten the trial version a few months back and was going to try using it with Maxim. I don't think that I used it due to weather and the miriad of software/hardware problems that were going on at the time. I'm looking at SGP trial version now, so when I downloaded that I also downloaded Pinpoint a second time. PP worked fine the first night along side of Maxim, and then caught up with me yesterday when I was testing it with an image.

    After the lock was put on my first post, I saw a similar thread from another individual. Your answer to him was what turned the light bulb on in my head as to what I had done wrong. I called Stephanie and apologized since this was my fault. Your Mrs was kind enough to offer me a thirty day extention which is more than generous. At this time I have declined the extension, since I've had some problems getting SGP to work.
    Stephanie said I could call once things are back to normal. Thanks to you and the Mrs. for the offer. Great service and good attitude............... Jerald Granger

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    OK, good luck with SGP and please do call when you're ready... Thank for the kind words for Stephanie. She is a true co-owner here!
    -- Bob



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