after a long time - a few years, actually - of using an alternative solution to ACP due to the technical nature of my mount (ASA DDM85), which needed a particular routine to track accurately, I decided to use a different approach to this.
The software ASA is providing for automatic imaging is not that bad, but no match to ACP, so I decided to move to an autoguiding approach with very long guiding exposures (as the mount is tracking quite well, but not perfectly), so that I can use ACP. So I installed both ACP and Scheduler on my Windows 7 x64 observatory computer and wanted to try it. Now the strange thing is, ACP works perfectly (at least it seems so), Scheduler also starts up fine, but when I try to switch to ACP as Engine (ACP Sequencer), I get an error message stating it could not connect to ACP, and the following in the Scheduler's logs:
28-Sep-2015 09:42:17.0: ++ Weather Safe ++28-Sep-2015 09:42:17.0: Sequencer does sky flats
28-Sep-2015 16:08:20.0: Clock changed to real-time
28-Sep-2015 16:08:20.8: Release Simulator sequencer
28-Sep-2015 16:08:20.8: Attach ACP sequencer
28-Sep-2015 16:08:22.3: ** Failed to start ACP sequencer:
28-Sep-2015 16:08:22.3:    ACP Scheduler is not present on this system.
28-Sep-2015 09:42:17.0: Clock changed to simulated time
28-Sep-2015 16:08:24.4: Simulated clock time changed to 28-Sep-2015 16:08:24 UTC
28-Sep-2015 16:08:24.4: Clock changed to simulated time
28-Sep-2015 16:08:24.4: Release ACP sequencer
28-Sep-2015 16:08:24.4: Failed to stop sequencer:
28-Sep-2015 16:08:24.4: ACP Scheduler is not present on this system.
28-Sep-2015 16:08:24.4: Attach Simulator sequencer
28-Sep-2015 16:08:24.4: [sim] Connect weather
Funnily enough, if I start Scheduler (and ACP) as Administrator, it works fine. Regrettably, this is not an option for me, as the other applications need to run under normal user privileges. I guess this is some weird permission problem. To check this, I installed both applications on another computer (again, Windows 7 x64) and there it works fine. I don't know how I could find out which missing permission (file? registry?) is causing the hassle...