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    Default ACP not detecting FM4 Acquire Failure - API Sync Issue

    Apologies if this has been raised before but I did search the forum before hand and didn't come up with a match. In reviewing the Scheduler Engine log, I see the following events highlighted in yellow.

    01-Aug-2015 08:37:36.2: ++ Auto Focus ++
    01-Aug-2015 08:37:36.3: Doing initial autofocus.
    01-Aug-2015 08:37:36.3: Start special ACP AutoFocus script for scheduler
    01-Aug-2015 08:45:01.6: Next periodic autofocus ASAP after 01-Jan-0001 00:30:00 UTC <<< Why the strange date?
    01-Aug-2015 08:45:11.6: Dispatcher cycle time: 9.8 sec.
    01-Aug-2015 08:45:11.6: Acquire data for Observation M16...
    01-Aug-2015 08:45:11.6: (belongs to Project M16, Plan M16-HA (5-8))
    01-Aug-2015 08:45:12.6: ++ Auto Focus ++
    01-Aug-2015 08:45:12.7: Doing periodic autofocus.
    01-Aug-2015 08:45:12.7: Start special ACP AutoFocus script for scheduler
    01-Aug-2015 08:52:51.5: ** Autofocus failed (n=1), will retry ASAP after 0 min.
    01-Aug-2015 08:52:51.7: Send Observation M16 to ACP Sequencer
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:36.8: Acquisition time: 4665.1588318 sec.
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:36.8: Data for Observation M16 of Plan M16-HA (5-8) acquired successfully.
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:36.9: Plan M16-HA (5-8) completed successfully.
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:37.0: Image Efficiency: 77.0%
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:37.0: Cycle Efficiency: 99.8%
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:37.5: ++ Auto Focus ++
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:37.6: Doing periodic autofocus.
    01-Aug-2015 10:10:37.6: Start special ACP AutoFocus script for scheduler
    01-Aug-2015 10:18:46.9: ** Autofocus failed (n=2), will retry ASAP after 5 min.


    On each of these autofocus runs, autofocus was successfully completed per the attached logs. Is this due to a time out of scheduler waiting for a response? Doing an advanced focus run in FMax v4 can take up to 6mins to complete.

    Has anyone else come across this?

    [edit: changed hard-coded yellow text to [high]xxx[/high] (also the pencil icon on the advanced text editor toolbar) so can be seen on all themes (I use light colored Royal Flush)]
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