Our college purchased a number of Educational Internet licenses for our observatory, which were installed on our older telescope control computers. We're upgrading our control computers and need to install ACP on the new machines. Can you please tell me the most efficient way to do this? Is there a protocol for either uninstalling or de-activating the licenses on the old machines before we can install on the new machines? Can we use the same licenses after doing this? Or do you need the old license info and then provide new license info for the new installations?

We're running ACP version 7.0 (build 3) on the old computers. Our updates expired on 15-Oct-2013, and we haven't had the budget to upgrade. But we're currently happy with the version we're running, so that is fine. I have the original installation DVDs, which I believe are Version 7 (will have to check - they might be Version 6). Is there a way to get back to the version we're currently running after installing from the original DVD, even though our upgrades have expired? We're running Windows 7 Pro on our new machines.

Thank you for any information and help you can provide. You can answer here or, if you prefer, at my e-mail address if it's better to discuss offline from the Comm Center.