Wow, you are on an OLD version of ACP (v5.x early 2010). This problem appeared in late 2010 with a Java security change, and it was fixed in ACP V6.0 which was released in early 2011. You really should be updating. I can't support old versions because zillions of things have improved and even fixed. "It's broke so fix it" instead of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I just ran across the ticket looking at a new incompatibility with some ancient Safari hack/workaround code that's coming out for ACP 8.1. Some day maybe you could renew support so you can get our latest and best :-) :-)

ACP-498 - Get Rid of Java Auth Box on Chrome

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Thanks Bob,

For years I've been seeing a second login request (see attached screen shot) - though come to think of it, not on mobile devices. I had incorrectly assumed there was Java involved in ACP, but on close inspection of the index.asp file, there appears to be some 'Tiddly' voodoo going on here (see attached screen shots).

We're over due for upgrades in a number of areas Bob, and this has been slated for 2016. It won't be a trivial exercise because of the large number of users, and heavy customisation that we've done over the years - but it is necessary. Needless to say we'll set up a test environment and move over to production on the SPIRIT telescopes once we're happy that everything is playing nicely together. I'll be contacting Stephanie over the coming months once I have the go-ahead and budget.




Here's the line inserting the Java Applet int the page .index.asp


useJavaSaver is set here, also index.asp and is incorrectly identify Chrome as Safari (probably because of webkit and user agent sniffing (not considered best practice any longer, but this is old software).