It has been pretty quiet here on the Comm Center, even with the release of ACP Expert 8 (except for the MaxIm image completion problem which has been identified as within MaxIm). As a result I have been feverishly working on several major upgrades to our office infrastructure that are overdue to handle our business growth. Remember the "email blizzard" for support letters 6 weeks ago? That was a goof up due to partial completion of one big area of our office automation tools :-) Here are the things that have been done so far:

  • A new web site that runs on a commercial platform - See DC-3 Dreams, SP ( This was a heck of a lot more work that it appears, but now that it's there, it will be much easier to keep up to date. We can edit the web content from a mobile app using drag and drop and in-place WYSIWYG editing.
  • Switchover of our office email system from an internally run mail server to Google Commercial/Work Services. This is a pay-for set of services from Google that do a really great job of spam filtering, fast IMAP storage, and lightning fast delivery. We also had problems with our server's encryption being too weak for newer email servers, particularly in Europe. Google's servers are the best there are. Our poor old MDaemon is being retired. This was a huge task.
  • Total restructuring of our office accounting system and reporting. Stevie gets credit for this major task. This took 8 weeks of several hours per day, but how we have increased our capacity by tenfold. This greatly improved our recording and reporting. Bravo Stevie!
  • Overhaul of our support renewal letter system. We didn't send renewal letters out at the first of the month because we are still working on this. We have switched over to a commercial bulk emailing system for this, again to improve reliability and make our jobs easier managing subscriptions. I expect to get these new format renewal letters out this week.
  • Clean-up of the systems for managing our lists for mailings to customers and (separately) to those who have downloaded our software and not gone on to make a purchase. These systems are virtually self maintaining now, we no longer have to process unsubscriptions manually, you all can do this right from the newsletters we will send.
  • We started a Facebook feed and it's starting to catch on. This will take time, but we plan to make more and more announcements there, as well as encourage non-support discussion, image and story sharing, etc.

We're doing really well business wise, and we're looking forward to years more of this. We love what we do, and we think the world of you all.