Took some time off this PM to try to get set up. Couple questions

1. Does it automatically find FocusMax? I have V4 running.

2. What to do here… (see below>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>) quote

In MaxIm DL, open the Observatory Control window and go to the Setup tab. Change MaxIm's selected Telescope to ACP Telescope Hub (ASCOM). This connects MaxIm DL's telescope control to your actual telescope through ACP, allowing both programs to have access to the telescope without conflicts. Get into the habit of leaving ACP going while using MaxIm's telescope controls. You can click back and forth (or use Alt-Tab to switch back and forth), using the manual features of both programs.

Do not connect MaxIm's Observatory Control this way when you are automating with ACP. It is not necessary, and it leaves open the possibility of MaxIm and ACP fighting each other when doing autoguiding. We're showing this to you so you know how so use ACP's hub when using MaxIm and not ACP itself.

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It seems very hard to change these settings correctly.... I try to change and often they are blanked out. Have been running ASCOM for years on my Atlas. Do you change them first in Maxim and FocusMax?

Jerry Y

PS Does not seem to be any video on setting up web server on LAN.