We are experiencing a strange problem.
When trying to connect the Telescope in the ACP, we ofthen get one of this two
error messages:
Access to the port 'COM1' is denied or Access to the port 'COM6' is denied.

In our system COM1 is used by the telescope and COM6 is used by the dome.
I've checked settings in ACP, and telescope setup indeed shows COM1, and dome setup shows the correct COM6.
But what is really strange is that after couple attempts, the telescope (and also the dome) connects successfully and we can work.
Sometimes it takes only one more try, sometimes 3-4 attempts, but it always works at the end.

By the way,
If we try to connect to the dome directly through the DDW (Digital DomeWorks) software, it always works,
so we can't find what's wrong. Of course, when using the ACP, the DDW is closed, so it won't "catch" the port.

This really affects our robotic work, since the StartupObs script crashes if "Telescope.Connected = True" fails.

Hope you can help