This isn't a bug, just more of a heads up/something to be aware of: USB3 is supposed to be backwards compatible with USB2... but not all USB2 devices are created the same, or to the USB2 spec :-(. So if your switching to a current gen computer ( for example an Intel NUC) its likley that all the USB ports are USB3.) (USB3 and usually be identified by the blue plastic in the connectors)

I first hit this issue with a Canon T2i, which became extremely unstable with USB3 components... My 5D MK III on the other hand works without issue.... so your milage may vary. If you see what potentially look like USB issues <random disconnects and hangs> you might want explore this more. I found that going from USB3 computer - USB3 specific extension cable - to powered USB3 hub greatly reduced the issues is was seeing (but not enough to get the T2i working :-( )