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    Default Society for Astronomical Sciences (SAS) 2015 Meeting

    Just back from SAS (my second time). Got to "lean" on Bob Denny. You see, he does offer all kinds of great customer support. Nice chatting with you Bob.

    If any of you haven't made the pilgrimage to SAS, plan to attend. Absolutely awesome science that amateurs are doing with the Pros and/or by themselves. The paper I presented was on Young Stellar Objects through the Lowell Amateur Research Initiative (LARI):

    Of course my science images were obtained using ACP while I'll slept.

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Newcastle Observatory
    Meade 0.4m ACF
    Mathis MI-600 Fork Mount
    Van Slyke OMG5 focuser in SuperStack
    Optec NextGEN 0.7x (f/7.1)

    QSI 516ws
    Astrodon BVRI & LRGB
    -Gamma Ray Burst Coordinates Network (GCN)
    -MPC Observatory Code: H61
    -GTN Partner GTN-33
    -AAVSO Observer Code: CMJA



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