I have a filter slider inserted between my filter wheel and imaging camera, which I use for a LPF so it can be used along with LRGB filters. I've also just recently started trying out narrow band filters, where I don't need the LPF. I created my v-curves with the LPF in place for doing LRGB. I didn't even think about whether a new set of v-curves would be needed when I took it out for my first use of a Halpha filter. Actually, I was quite pleased with this first attempt, which was taken 2 days before a full moon. But the next night when I tried my OIII and SII, things didn't turn out so well and I thought possibly due to focusing. This is what made me think to ask this question.

While I'm at it, here's another unrelated one. I see that I can control min/max star magnitude for focusing in the FilterInfo file but am I correct that I don't have control of this in ACP for doing autofocus? Maybe I just missed it. But, it looks like an option is to use FocusMax's AcquireStar routine as you do get to adjust this setting for filters individually. I'm not sure I understand the pro's and con's of using AcquireStar in FocusMax vs ACP.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!