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    I am about ready to install ACP in my new PC.
    I need to also install various scripts to handle power issues in my solar power observatory.
    I need to install webpower switch scripts to depower devices when the observatory is closed for weather or daylight.
    I need to install my own scripts to open/close the AstroHaven observatory. These scripts will also handle the power issues..

    marshall edgell

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    OK, was there a question you had?

    Since you are trying out ACP, I would recommend you try out ACP's automation and web remote observing forms first. Make sure you understand all of the things it can do and whether your equipment is in shape for automated/robotic control. Power up at the beginning of the evening like you do now. Then test ACP with some way for you to be notified on unsafe weather, then you can close the Astro Haven yourself. Power down in the morning like you do now.

    I would recommend doing the power up/down things last because they are usually very custom and specific scripts.

    If you decide ACP is for you, the next step is to work out how to close the Astro Haven on a weather unsafe event. I am officially confused by the various options for Astro Haven. I have been told that there is a driver available from Foster Systems. A program by Roth Ritter is available but it is stand alone and can't be controlled from anything but a human finger on a mouse. Someone told me they are "working" on an Astro Haven driver. Maybe someone here knows more than I do.

    In any case, weather unsafe and power up/down will be a challenge so first check out ACP and maybe ACP Expert first.
    -- Bob

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    Hi marshall

    Welcome to the world of ACP. I used a simulator mode to learn how ACP works, that is described in the help file how that works. I would start with these steps

    Use ACP as is, don't modify it until you have ACP set.
    Then work on the files in the ACP config area, flats, image file names, stuff like that.
    Then do the power script first to add it in ACP after everything is solid

    I have a couple if youtube channels that might help as well, they are design for someone new to ACP. ( I am adding a few new ones today too

    Dean Salman
    Deep Sky Remote Observatory



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