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    Default ImageMan 2.2 Update

    This is a major update and now includes charts showing the target altitude during the night as well as rise, transit and setting times of the target, moon and sun.

    If you are upgrading from a previous version, see the Read_Me_First file for installation and upgrade instructions.
    After updating, you must add details of your location (button on Main Menu in Standard version or First Light Wizard in Scheduler version)

    For new users, please read the About ImageMan document first for a quick overview, information on which version you should download and installation information.
    I have also attached the Help file separately. You can download it first and open for more detailed information on ImageMan.

    Use this forum for any discussions, questions and feature requests.
    If you encounter any problems like unhandled errors, please take a screenshot, copy the details to a text file and email this to me together with information on what you were doing when it occurred.

    Dale Liebenberg
    dalelieb at iAfrica dot com
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