This can be true for any Celestron that uses the keypad to align or come out of hibernation. When power is started and the telescope was put into hibernate state, the user needs to push enter to start the process. Well since it is remote, that is not possible. Celestron makes a software called remote keypad, and it over all works. What does not work is if the telescope is in hibernation, the software does not know that and defaults to sky align.

I am working with a future ACP customer that wants to make his CPC 11 hyperstar remote. So it hit me today. When ACP runs a plan and it ends, tracking is turned off. If I start another plan, tracking resumes and all is well. So all that is needed, I am pretty sure, is leave telescope power always on. From one night to another, ACP will take care of everything else because it turns tracking off and on. Using a good Battery backup for only the telescope should leave it on for a long time when power is off.

So this post is for anyone in this same boat.