I am building an observatory at Stellar Skies in the Texas Hill Country. I am not sure about adapting to my set-up.

Losmandy Titan running Gemini 1
Moonlite focus unit with high-res steppers controlled by MiniV2 (can be linked to observatory computer via USB, ASCOM drivers installed)
SkyX with camera add-on
ST9ME and ATIK 314L+ cameras with filter wheels. ATIK would be used for guiding with the ST9; Atik as primary with a ZWO for guiding.

I do not have Maxim DL

My partner will be installing roll-off roof controls, so we should be able to open the roof. There will be a weather station. How my partner is integrating roof opening and the weather station is unknown to me at this time, but he wioll be able to do it remotely.

So, can I both control the scope and focus with this set-up? Not sure what else is needed.

Thanks, Ed