Hi Bob:

At long last, I've completed the Messier Poster. It's the culmination of about 18 months of work with over 150 hours of imaging data and over 100 hours of image processing and design work. All of the work was done with ACP Expert.

You're welcome to use this on your web page and facebook pages, if it would be helpful. For any use, please attribute: "Courtesy ACP User Robert Capon, Stillhouse Mountain Observatory, Charlottesville, Virginia." There is a copyright legend on the image that also should remain on the image.

Right now I'm in the middle of shooting the Herschel 400, and the complete ARP catalog, each of which will require well over 200 hours of observatory time! I don't know how I'd do these big projects without ACP Expert!

All best,


Messier Poster for DC3 Dreams.jpg