I'm looking for some guidance on the best way to handle a low roof with a large telescope (short of a new building!) using ACP and Scheduler.

The telescope is large enough that the roof must be open in order to safely home the mount (ME-II). The roof controller does have an interlock to make sure the scope is in the park position before allowing roof movement so no problem with a moving roof hitting the scope. However, I need to avoid a moving scope hitting a closed roof so I can't home the mount until the roof is open. I'm an ACP/Scheduler newbie and am having trouble understanding how to handle this.

I'm doing OK with modifying scripts - I've made startup and shutdown scripts that are able to successfully manipulate the power, connect/disconnect the mount, focuser, camera, rotater, etc. I can acquire images, flats off a panel, etc.

My problem is I'm not sure where to hook in to home the mount after the roof opens. In the scheduler sample startup script there is an admonition about not opening the roof in that script as ACP should do it. ACP does open the roof as expected after the Scheduler startup script completes but I don't understand how to get control at that point to home the mount.

I've looked through acquiresupport, the various sample scripts, ASCOM documentation and the ACP and Scheduler help files but just can't seem to understand how to go about dealing with this.

Right now all the hardware is set up on a bench for testing so experimenting is simple and safe. I'm trying to get things working before installing the hardware in the observatory.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. Any help is much appreciated!