Downloaded the trial of ACP, reading evry single line in the help file for first time users, but something went wrong.
I am playing in simulation mode, but after making a plan, saving it, and then click on RUN on the ACP consol, this happens:

ACP console log opened 03-May-2015 16:30:14 UTC
This is ACP version 7.2 (build 5, V7.2a Production Release Sep 2014)
Unlicensed copy - 30 day demo mode
Licensed to
16:30:14 Logging to C:\Users\Rolf\Documents\ACP Astronomy\Logs\20150503\20150503@163014.log
16:30:15 Initializing AcquireSupport V7.2.5
16:30:15 Telescope is ACP->Simulator, driver V2
16:30:16 MaxIm DL is version 5.24
16:30:16 Imager is Simulator
16:30:16 Imager readout modes:
16:30:16 0 is Normal
16:30:16 1 is Fast
16:30:16 Guider is Simulator(External Guide Scope)
16:30:16 and it uses adaptive optics.
16:30:16 Guider plate scale is 4.5 arcsec/pix. Guided dither with main imager pixels
16:30:16 Max unguided exposure 30 sec.
16:30:16 (assuring that FocusMax is running now...)
16:30:21 There was a problem initializing the support library:
16:30:21 Ikke samsvar mellom typer: 'CDbl'
ACP console log closed 03-May-2015 16:30:21 UTC

Have been foundling around with this the whole weekend, but canīt find any solution by myself.

Best regards