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    Default [ANN] DC-3 Dreams Announces Integration of CCD Navigator and ACP Expert!

    April 20, 2015 - At the Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference in Suffern NY last week, we revealed that CCDWare's CCD Navigator Advanced Target Selection and Planning Software has been integrated with ACP Expert's scheduler. In CCD Navigator, by simply clicking a target in the “Candidates” window, the user can quickly and easily set it up for guiding, fully specify their total imaging goals for that target and generate a request to their ACP Expert system. As ACP Expert acquires the images, a CCDNavigator user can easily track the results. ACP Expert is a perfect adjunct to Navigator because no planning of runs is required, and it manages the observatory 24x7 hands-off, including weather safe-unsafe-safe events. No sequencing or timing of targets is required other than having a general idea of which of your targets are going to be night-accessible at which times. You can enter requests for months ahead.


    It is not necessary to run CCD Navigator at the observatory computer. The integration between Navigator and ACP Expert takes place across the internet. Therefore, you can use Navigator on your home computer while running the observatory in your backyard or a thousand miles away. You do not need to be logged into the observatory computer for observing to occur. It is hands off. It is of course possible to run Navigator on the Observatory machine with the world's shortest internet connection!

    Support is Included in ACP Expert 8

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