Hi Dick- Thank you for elucidating your thoughts and process on KBO observing relative to timing. You explained it well, so I followed your approach. Relative to using 'Fixed Time', I'm thinking it would be best in my case to just forgo/disable the Scheduler, and use a live session to specify the timing. However, I do think the 'delay' capability would be more straightforward to say get 4 frames spaced 1 hour apart.

But my difficulty was less in grappling with the timing, and more utilizing the Scheduler to set the first image coordinates. I then really prefer the next 2 or 3 images to not be pointed based upon their later image acquisition time, but using the first image's coordinates. This is just my preference for blinking the series. I realize that I can stack the lot using the 1st image as the master, but then the other images are clipped. There would need to be a new directive that specifies using the coordinates of the 1st image, or to not slew the telescope at all. Maybe this is currently possible, but it seems like each plan's 'observations' have an implied slew to the new coordinates determined by the orbital parameters and image time. I assume I can insert a fixed position, but would need to access the 1st frames coordinates which would not otherwise be known due to the capture time being under Scheduler control. ACP interests me both for its web based remote observatory control ability, but also so the Scheduler can be used to intersperse astroimaging among my asteroid observing.

Something tells me I will get there though, since the software is so flexible. I'm sure I've only dipped my little toe into the water so far.