Hi Bob, I'm trying to get a local install of MPCORB data base up and running so I can call asteroid targets from ACP/Scheduler. I'm running a 64-bit system running Win7HP SP1, and I have followed the directions carefully on running cscript MakeDB.wsf in that situation.

I've also made certain UAC are off and full permissions for all users on all elements within the MPCORB folder.

However I continue to get . C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ASCOM\MPCORB\MakeDB.wsf(143,2) Microsoft JScript runtime error: Permission denied

Having tried multiple times, I'm not sure what to try next as I hope to move the asteroids work off of scripting in MPO Connections to use the full capacity of ACP.

Thanks for pointing me toward the best next step.