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    Default Web interface for Scheduler

    I'm a recent convert to ACP - some travails with Maxim in CCDAP has led me to switch over. I'm amazed by the range of features available in ACP. So I've taken the plunge.

    I'm wrestling with Scheduler and have been holding off making that purchase till I can get it running during the trial period. I have a few "wrinkles" that I'd like to iron out.

    1. I have set up a Project complete with plans and observations in Scheduler and attempted to run it in simulation mode. It simulates dusk and dawn flats but not imaging itself. Rather the log suggests that there are no plans available. So I generated a Test Project - same result. Looking at the UTC Date, I can't shift it past 31 December 2014. I'm wondering whether this is why the simulator won't run. As the projects are generated now (April 2015), Scheduler won't recognise the projects back in December 2014. Each time I set the UTC Date to the Current Date/Time, I receive an Unhandled exception error. I've attached a screenshot. Is this as expected?

    2. The Help files direct astroimagers to use the web browser interface for Scheduler. Moving to the local web interface in ACP, I click on the Schedule Browser link and in turn move to the Submit Astro-Imaging Request tab. This in turn directs me back to the main ACP browser's Astro-Imaging tab. Clicking on that, I complete the required fields. A screenshot is attached. Submitting that, I receive an error message stating that the filter is empty. Again, a screenshot is attached. Reading the help files, I see that I need to complete the filter.txt file - which I have duly done. I assume that the browser draws on this file to populate the drop down box for the filter field. TO be sure I have this right, I've attached a screenshot of this file. So how do I overcome this? Is there another file somewhere that needs to be completed?

    3. As an alternative, I turned to the Schedule Image Series alternative in the browser. There is a screenshot showing my test series. However, when I submit this, I receive a new error message suggesting that I have not included an image name - even though it is clearly included. Again, another screenshot.

    I expect that there is a funky setting somewhere that I have yet to activate - or there is some other instance of operator error. I would appreciate any tips on where I am going wrong. The functionality of Scheduler sounds fantastic - if I can get to it.





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