My company is building a 1 meter telescope at our facility. We will have 3 cameras all on the same mount. The mount is custom but has ascom drivers for it. The cameras are all PCO Edge cameras, I think I will need to make ascom drivers for them as well. We have a Davis Instruments weather station, and I think the Dome has Ascom drivers for it. I believe we have ascom drivers for our filter wheels and focusers.

I like all the features of the ACP software and scheduler.

We will have a prime focus camera, a 12" scope that is bolted on and a Wide Field of View camera that is also bolted on. the WFOV will not have a focusser (canon lens) The Prime Focus and 12" will have filter wheels and focusers.

Will ACP work with 3 cameras? I.E. go to object take picture with each of the three cams, go to next , etc.

I read from the feature set that there is solar system object tracking. Is there satellite tracking too? I.e, can I give it a 2 line element set and have it track and image that object?

Best Regards,

Kirk Crawford