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    Lightbulb Horizon Data Interchange utility

    I have created a command line utility for Horizon Data Interchange.

    I know there is a horizon editor for ACP, but I wanted to meet several needs with this utility that aren't covered.
    - I specifically wanted a command line utility so it is simple and scriptable, so the process can be automated.
    - I wanted "XCOPY deployment", i.e. there is no setup, so I can drop it into my DropBox and have it sync to all my computers.
    - I wanted to support Astroplanner, which the current utility doesn't do
    - I wanted to be able to easily add support for other programs and file formats
    - I wanted it to be open source so that others can extend what I've done.

    Currently, the utility is capable of importing from AstroPlanner and exporting to ACP (simply because that's the specific need I had). However, I have tried to make the code extensible so it should be relatively simple to add support for other programs and additional importers and exporters should become available over time.

    The source code and documentation is at: - I have fully documented what developers need to do to make custom importers and exporters, so please feel free to fork the project and/or make pull requests.

    The latest beta binaries can be obtained directly from our build server at
    http://build.teamserver.tigranetwork...lastSuccessful - click on the Artifacts tab and then Download All (zip).

    [This server isn't online 24x7 so if you get an error, try again later - if there is a demand I'll make a release and put it somewhere more friendly]

    I have obtained successful results using the following command line:
    .\TA.Horizon.exe --Importer Astroplanner --Exporter Acp --SourceFile .\SampleData\AstroPlanner.csv
    [That's a beta build, there is no 'release' as such yet, and there probably never will be unless there is any interest]

    I'm not sure how many AstroPlanner users there are out there but I'm hoping that some developers will have a burning desire to add support for _their_ favourite programs.

    Its free, open source and covered by the MIT license which is ridiculously permissive.

    Best regards,
    Tim Long
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