To the professionals out there.
I have the target and sun parameters sorted - but am battling with the moon calculations.
The algorithms are based on and
The calculation results correspond with the tutorial and even with Skytools 3, but not with other tools and almanacs.
For instance for my location 33 59 20 S and 25 31 49 E for today I get
Rise: 19:01 Transit: 01:12 Set: 07:25
Rise: 19:10 Transit: 01:16 Set: 07:27
TheSkyX and others
Rise: 19:07 Transit: 00:34 Set: 06:37

So obviously Skytools and I have got it wrong.
So, can anyone help me with the correct algorithm (to calculate the moon's alt/az for a particular time and location.)
Would be much appreciated.