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    Default Planning update

    To assist with target planning, I want to add a chart to the target page showing the position of the selected target and moon above the horizon.
    I will also add a pop-up with additional information like sun and moon rise and set times.
    With this pop-up you can change any of the parameters like date and time, location and even a new target's Ra and Dec.
    See the attached example.
    Any comments - additional features?
    I have done all the (really difficult for a non-mathematician) maths and most of the work, so I can have the update ready by the end of the week-end, subject to your inputs.

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    I don't have any inputs except to say this looks like a really great tool!!!
    -- Bob

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    Thanks Bob.
    Maybe users can comment on the span of the chart.
    From sunset to sunrise as shown, or a fixed period from 12:00pm to 12:00am?




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