In our campus observatory we have 3 telescopes running The SkyX Pro, MaxIm 5.23, ACP 6 (forget exactly which 6 version it is - sorry), and FocusMax. We're controlling everything at each station with a Windows 7 Pro laptop and all works fine, including the web interface and automated imaging over the web using scripts. We mainly intended the laptops to be control computers only and not storage computers (purchased a while ago with limited budget), so they only have 500 GB hard drives. We also have 2 TB cloud drives in the observatory, one dedicated to each scope to store and backup the data. I am able to open Windows Explorer and see the networked drives and can drag data files from any of the laptops to any of the cloud drives through Explorer. What we'd like to do is be able to save the data files directly to the cloud drives (especially when doing automated imaging runs). I've read the documentation about setting up imaging paths to folders on the local machine and also Bob's info on Dropbox, but not sure if Dropbox is the right answer for us. When I go into ACP Preferences to try to set the image path to the cloud drives, they don't show up like another hard drive or location on the local machine would, even though I can see them in the Network folder in Windows Explorer. Besides saving space on the small control laptops, this functionality would allow us to drag these files to other networked machines we have that connect to the cloud drives dedicated to image processing that our students can work on. But at the moment I have to manually drag the files from the control laptops to the cloud drives in Explorer after the imaging runs are done and then unzip them so the students can access them. I'd really like to be able to do this in closer to a real-time environment if it's possible so the images are downloaded to the cloud drives as they're collected and students can work with them while the imaging sequence continues.

Is there a way to save data from from ACP to a cloud drive like this rather than on the local machine as is the default? Is it a difference between how Windows talks to and sees those network drives and how ACP does (or doesn't)? I'm no expert on this and was hoping ACP would just recognize the cloud drives like another hard drive or directory path but it doesn't using the methods I've tried so far.

Any suggestions on how I might be able to set this up? Is it possible? Thank you for any help/suggestions you can provide.