Hi Bob,

I have been running scheduler the past few weeks and it worked very well. Just today i start to have a serious issue.

All my plans are still the same, but now have the time, acp or scheduler generates an error ( hardware or driver error ) mentioning ascom utilities and too much time elapsed for a response, stating it is not an acp problem.This disconnects my camera and scope and does so before parking or closing the dome. Even better it disconnects so if weather goes bad, it can't close as my scope is not connected.

I have shut down for the night, as i do not trust the program for the moment. Equipment is too expensive ))))

I looked a little through the logs and it seems that sometimes it is having a problem with dome control ( shutter ), then it seemed to have the issue when it is taking images. and sometimes my weather station goes into complete unknown failure. ( that is the least problematic cause then weather is reported bad and the dome closes.

It is problematic none the less as i don't dear to leave my ob running when i go to sleep. And during this entire evening i was able to shoot 15 images of 3 minutes, the rest i spend rebooting, reinstalling ascom drivers and just trying to see if it will work for more than 15 minutes. The strange thing is i haven't changed a thing to my setup or computer.

hope u can help.