OK, I just re-read your original post and looked you up. I can see one expired license with your name as contact but registered to Lloyd Bentsen, and another expired license at New Mexico Skies. This does not mean your software stops working, just that your eligibility for newer versions and support has expired. The problem is that the current Scheduler 3.7 requires the current ACP 7.2, so you would not be able to install Scheduler (even for trial) with your ACP 6.

Renewing support and upgrades for ACP Internet costs $295. That would make you eligible for the Scheduler trial. Or you could take the chance and upgrade your ACP to ACP Expert, to include the Scheduler, for $595. This upgrade would include the renewal for ACP, so effectively you get the Scheduler for $300. If you want more info, feel free to call Stephanie at +1 480 396 9700.