Probably complete ignorance here ;-), but in playing with the scheduler I was surprised at the way calibration frames were treated. I guess since scheduler allows one to setup months if not years in advance, that one would be able to do the same with calibration frames.

If I'm reading things correctly, you have to decide each time you want flats and setup them up for either dawn or dusk. Why not allow me to say that I want a set of flats created every 3 months? And since I'm using an EL panel for flats, to do them in bad weather and after astro twilight (so any light leaks from the dome are not an issue). Thus the criteria would be every 3 months, bad weather, after astro twilight. btw - I'm not using a rotator either so a flat library works well for me.

Similarly with the darks and bias. If I'm reading things correctly, this is a decide each time and they can only be done after the dawn flats? So why not allow setting it up as every n months, bad weather, after astro twilight (just in case the shutter isn't 100% lightproof over a 30 minute dark)?


Paul Howard